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"Spring Hill College switched from a large national firm to Wilkins Miller for its auditing needs in 2004. For the past six years, we have enjoyed not only timely audit completion, but also a valued business partner. The staff of Wilkins Miller understands the College's business as thoroughly as any member of my staff. The continuity of the senior management team of Michael Kintz and Erin S. Jones has enhanced the quality of our financial statements in many ways. Our audited financial statements have evolved from merely a presentation of statements, required by auditing standards, to a more complete report with the inclusion of a management's discussion and analysis and statements that reflect the complete story of the College's financial position. As an administrator in higher education, we welcome the new hires of Wilkins Miller to our campus as they conduct field work. My entire staff and I are amazed at the professionalism of these younger accountants as they are being trained by the senior team. I am pleased that our Board of Directors has committed to another three year term with Wilkins Miller as our auditors."

Rhonda M. Shirazi, CPA
Spring Hill College

Why Join Wilkins Miller

Variety of work to keep you challenged

An advantage to working with Wilkins Miller is the variety of work that is offered.  Entry level accountants have the opportunity to work in the areas of auditing and tax.  Early on, accountants are exposed to almost every type of tax return- from individual, S Corps and  C Corps to estates and exempt organizations. Our accountants also have the chance to work on audits of corporations, employee benefit plans and governmental entities.

Technologically advanced

Even though we are a medium-sized firm, we make an effort to be as technologically advanced as a larger, national firm.  We operate as a paperless office and we are one of the first in the Gulf Coast area to do so.  As a paperless office, we use some of the most advanced accounting software programs available.

Work atmosphere that makes for a better experience

We strive to create a work atmosphere that is innovative, enthusiastic, team-oriented and conducive to professional growth.  The size of our firm provides for a more closely-knit group of individuals.  All of our employees get to interact with everyone at all levels.  Staff accountants have the opportunity to work directly with the partners while performing a variety of tasks.  This allows our employees to develop an extensive range of skills and to see the overall picture of our clients' needs.  We also believe that with hard work comes the opportunity for fun.  We enjoy getting together, whether it is at the firm for monthly lunches, at after-five-o'clock socials, or annual events, including an after-April 15th party, a summer family outing, and our firm Christmas party.  We also regularly enjoy team building exercises, from deep sea fishing trips to attending baseball games and bowling.

Opportunities and training for your professional growth

Our employees have many opportunities to take on additional responsibilities, to get acquainted with our client base, and to take part in firm planning and decision making.  When starting a career with Wilkins Miller, the first week begins with a formal orientation program designed to help train and introduce new employees to the firm.  We have also developed a mentor program that matches up new employees with a seasoned professional.  The mentor program is designed to enhance the professional experience and development of its participants.

Team orientated

A main focus of ours is teamwork.  We work as a team and help each other, whether it's by answering a question or revealing the path to an answer.  From working on engagements to training a new co-worker, the team approach has proven invaluable to our firm.  Each member of the firm participates on teams designed to help improve the firm's processes and to allow our employees to play a significant role in shaping and positioning the firm for the future.

Flexibility for when you need it

Wilkins Miller strongly supports the flex system with its employees.  Several employees are on flex time, allowing them to balance their professional careers with the needs of their family.  Wilkins Miller also offers a generous annual leave policy and encourages employees to use their annual leave to spend time with family.

Limited travel to keep you close to home

As a local firm, many of our clients are centrally located along the Gulf Coast and can be reached within a days travel. Serving our clients, therefore, requires very little overnight travel.

Firm partner, Michael Kintz, is highlighted in an article published in The Journal of Accountancy "The Small Firm Advantage" by James C. Metzler.  To view the article click on the link http://www.aicpa.org/pubs/jofa/jul2006/metzler.htm