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I was hired at my organization the last month of a fiscal year and went straight into a financial audit. The patience, professionalism, and encouragement from the staff of Wilkins Miller made my transition to my new position easier. Their experience with our organization with prior audits gave me the guidance I needed, especially accounting standards unique to a non-profit organization. High standards in ethics and auditing and reporting to our board of directors by Wilkins Miller the past five years adds a level of confidence and trust for our stakeholders and community.

Christina Cooley
Alabama School of Mathematics and Science

Staff Testimonials


Courtney Cox
2008 graduate of Auburn University

"I started working at Wilkins Miller as a new college graduate not knowing what to expect in a career of public accounting. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work on an extensive array of projects, including individual and entity tax work; not-for profit, non-public, and employee benefit plan audits; as well as a large variety of consulting and litigation engagements. I now have the opportunity to work on more complex tax engagements, as well as supervise and manage other staff on various tax and audit projects.  It has been an extremely rewarding experience to start from the bottom and to now have worked my way up to my current position.

The people here at Wilkins Miller challenge me to always do my best work and to step outside of my comfort zone to take on more complex tasks that help me grow and reach my full professional potential. The environment here encourages a team atmosphere where all are willing to take time to teach one another. In addition, many of the employees here are not only my co-workers, but are also my friends and make coming to work here such an enjoyable experience.


Blake Ethredge, CPA, CVA, CFE

2003 graduate of The University of Alabama 

"Working at Wilkins Miller has allowed me to expand my knowledge of finance and accounting.  Having previously been in banking, I wasnt sure how smooth the transition would be to public accounting.  I started at Wilkins Miller as a tax intern and was then offered a job upon completion of the internship.  Since starting here, Ive worked in the traditional areas of tax and audit, but Ive also worked on other engagements that involve financial analysis, business valuation, and even bank loan analysis.  Today, my primary focus is business valuations, consulting, and litigation engagements.


Wilkins Miller encourages its employees to continue to build their knowledge through higher education and additional certifications.  Over the past few years, I have completed the requirements and obtained certifications as a CPA, CFE, and CVA.  Looking back now, Im glad I accepted the internship because it allowed me to find my home here at Wilkins Miller.

Micah Wheeler, CPA

2005 graduate of the University of South Alabama


"Working with the firm, I have grown as a professional to understand accounting in many different areas.  I have had the opportunity to work on projects ranging from large audits to individual and estate tax returns.  Each project challenges me and encourages me to learn new areas.  This wide array of projects enables me to learn through on the job experience which areas of accounting interest me the most, and the partners at the firm listen to my interests.  The people at the firm make going to work an enjoyable experience.  Whether gathering for birthday celebrations or gathering for busy season kickoff, I'm always greeted with a smile.  I am thankful to work with such a great group of people that make the firm such a great place."