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"...Nine years ago, my firm switched from a national firm to Wilkins Miller to provide an audited financial statement for the company, prepare corporate income tax returns, and prepare two benefit plan audits. I can honestly say that the level of quality of service went up, the price went down, and the timeliness of the products improved. In addition to that, the people with whom we have worked at Wilkins Miller have been a pleasure to get to know, expressing a personal interest in me and my people, on a consistent basis..."

John R. Wilson, Jr.
Mobile Paint Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Information Technologies

As businesses are constantly evolving and competition is ever increasing, information technology is more important than ever.  Through the years, we have invested heavily in our own IT infrastructure to service the technological needs of our firm.  We are often asked by our clients to help diagnose network and application performance problems as well as assist in a wide range of IT related services.  As our clients' needs increased, our IT offerings expanded, and, as a result, Wilkins Miller Hieronymus Information Technologies (WMH IT) was born.


With our unique blend of business knowledge and technological expertise, WMH IT offers a new approach to IT solutions.  We provide IT consulting with a sound understanding of how a business works together with technology to drive productivity and growth in your office.  Our team is a mix of accounting professionals who are well-versed in multiple accounting software products and IT solutions providers who are certified and trained to develop and maintain complex computer systems.



         Network Consulting                                               

         Network Support

         Network and PC Management                      

         Software Support

         PC and Printer Maintenance                          

         Onsite/Remote End User Support

         IT Strategic Planning                                    

         PDA Support

         Disaster Recovery                              

         End User Support

         Internet Security                                

         Home User Support

         Virus Spyware Threat Management              

         IT Outsourcing

         Sales and Service                               

         Structured Cabling Design


Whether you are in need of additional support for your IT department or looking to outsource your computer system support, we are ready to assist you.  WMH IT solutions providers are seasoned professionals with vast IT experience in multiple disciplines and industries.  To learn how a WMH IT solutions provider can assist with your business needs, please contact us at 251.476.5500 or email solutions@wmh-it.com.



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