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"...Nine years ago, my firm switched from a national firm to Wilkins Miller to provide an audited financial statement for the company, prepare corporate income tax returns, and prepare two benefit plan audits. I can honestly say that the level of quality of service went up, the price went down, and the timeliness of the products improved. In addition to that, the people with whom we have worked at Wilkins Miller have been a pleasure to get to know, expressing a personal interest in me and my people, on a consistent basis..."

John R. Wilson, Jr.
Mobile Paint Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Our Team


Patricia M. Bessonen, CPA
Brian M. Blakeney, CPA
Frank D. Brown, CPA
W. Allen Carroll, Jr., CPA/ABV, CFF, CVA
Mark E. Hieronymus, CPA, MTA
George A. Hieronymus, Jr., CPA *
John W. Jeffries, CPA, CVA
Michael J. Kintz, CPA
Kenneth E. Litton, Jr., CPA
L. Page Stalcup, III, CPA/ABV, CFF, CVA

Scott L. Browning, CPA, MTA
Stacy Cummings, CPA, CFF, CVA
Lyndsey Dixon, CPA
Erin S. Jones, CPA
Leigh Knosher, CPA, MTA
Sharon McMahan, CPA
Brandi Morgan, CPA
Scott D. Province, CPA
Bob Slaby, CPA, CVA
Micah Wheeler, CPA

Judy Chen, CPA
Michael White, CPA
Jing Yu, CPA

Don Ellington, CMA, CGMA
David R. Leffard, CPA
Don Setser, CPA
Jim Webb, CPA

Senior Accountants
Kyle Beason, CPA
Blake Ethredge, CPA, CVA, CFE
Brooks Hieronymus, CPA, MTA
Christy Hollingsworth, MTA
Lisa Williams, CPA

Accounting Staff
Trae Catrett
Christina Cochran
Kelli C. Cohen
Courtney Cox
Philip Gruich
Eric Haynes, CPA, CGMA
Jack Johnson
Amanda Jones, CPA
Mandy Parker
Kristian A. Reeves
Frank Smith
Sallie Wilkie

Marketing Director
Susan Carothers

Marketing Coordinator
Adrienne S. Golden

IT Staff
Devon Johnston
Skip Nelson
Andy Odle
Kyle Odle

Office Manager
Brandy Pate

Administrative Staff
Karah Ball
Renee Broadhead
Ashley Brown
Kelley Brown
Morgan Brown
Carley Cash
Elizabeth Clark
Bridget Ehlers
Kristen Gilman
Taylor Hardaway
Lee Howard
Bridget Kahalley
Amber Lawler
Judy Lovell
Chase Malone
Susan Moore
Rhonda Nowling
Nicole Pate
Debbie Schmidt
Tammy Smith
Anastasia Taylor
Erin Taylor
Joe Taylor
Brittney Teinert
Sherri Wike
Greta Wood
Amelia Yokley

* Emeritus